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2020 Inspections Complete – WE PASSED!

2020 Inspections Complete – We’ve Passed! 


Lochinvar Pet Motel is pleased to announce that we have successfully passed our inspections.

We send thanks to all of our incredible clients and community for your support during this time.

Lochinvar Pet Motel Inspections 2020 February


  •  Maitland City Council – 6/1  Thanks to the development officer of Maitland City Council for prompt response and clearance on the 6/1
  • PIAA & DPI were contacted and invited to conduct an inspection.  We’ve received notification that we’ve passed this inspection as of the 28/2.
  • We have not been contacted by the RSPCA.

“November 27th (I will never forget the date) started like any other morning. It’s 6:30am and after a hot night I opened the office doors and left it open (big mistake) for the room to cool before the staff arrived.

Deluxe guests were let out into their yard to go to toilet ahead of cleaning and feeding, with the screen sliding door closed preventing them access to the inside. One of our adventurous cavaliers thought he’d like to lead a scenic tour of the office and subsequently due to the open office doors Rosie made her way outside.

All efforts were made to recover Rosie however due to Rosie’s speed and timid nature, our team were unable to catch her.

  • I take TOTAL responsibility for leaving the door open. 
  • I DO NOT take responsibility for the fact that I could not get within 50 meters of her.
  • I DO NOT take responsibility for the fact that the OWNER’S & FRIENDS of the OWNER/S could not get within 100 meters of her.

I cannot understand why Rosie would not come to anyone despite being sighted multiple occasions in the surrounding properties to the kennels.

I cannot understand why Tony Young fraudulently claimed to be the registered owner of Rosie on his booking when Rosie is owned by his son and daughter-in-law.

I cannot understand why Tony chose to send me emails ……. “I am not a violent person”

I cannot understand why the initial check-in details are in total contrast of the information which Mr Young has fabricated on Social Media.

I cannot understand how it’s possible that 8 or more of the defamatory comments and allegations made by public participants in Mr Young’s Social Media Posts, in regards to alleged boarding experiences here at Lochinvar Pet Motel, were from individual parties to whom do not exist on our client database since commencing business in 2007.

To the apparent “disclosure” from ex-employees, these are all ex-employees for a reason – they were terminated due to failing to work under the procedures of the Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA).

With all I this in mind, this whole ordeal has been traumatic for everyone involved. I can totally understand how Tony and his family feel. I too, lost one of my dog whilst out walking her some 30 years ago and it’s something that stays with you for a lifetime.

My many thanks to Natalie from Natalie Crowe Designs for managing a barrage of posts to Social Media.

My many thanks to George Kenesovic the complying development officer from Maitland City Council for his prompt attention to this matter.

Finally my thanks to fellow kennel owners who have been an immense support during this time.”

(Owner of Lochinvar Pet Motel)


  •  Maitland City Council – 6/1  Thanks to the development officer of Maitland City Council for prompt response and clearance on the 6/1
  • PIAA & DPI were contacted and invited to conduct an inspection.  We’ve received notification that we’ve passed this inspection as of the 28/2.
  • We have not been contacted by the RSPCA.

Rosie is still Missing 29/2/2020

Rosie Flyer

Bowie & Mishka – Dobermans | Large Dogs at Lochinvar Pet Motel

Large Dog Boarding | Pet Motel Hunter Valley

Everyone meet Bowie and Mishka the two Dobermans who have been with us for the last couple of days. They sure love their toys. 

These beautiful fur kids are just some of the LARGE dog breeds we board here at your local Pet Motel Hunter Valley.  

Along with Dobermans, our large breed classification includes all:

  • Alsation,
  • German Shepherd,
  • Golden Retriever,
  • Labrador,
  • Rottweiler,
  • Staffordshire Terrier.
  • German Short Haired Pointers,
  • Bernese Mountain Dog,
  • Belgian Shepherd,
  • Wolfhound,
  • Akita,
  • Old English
  • Sheepdog,
  • Afghan,
  • Alaskan Malamute

With spacious runs with lots of room to run and play.  Our dog boarding guests really do enjoy the freedom to run and play. 

Bowie and Mishka  sure do love their toys!   
Question we had to ask:  Who is chasing who??

Large dog pricing start from $27.00*
* prices are subject to change. Please consult our more update Pet Boarding Breed & Pricelist

Doggie Daycare available at Lochinvar Pet Motel Hunter Valley

Doggie Daycare available at Lochinvar Pet Motel Hunter Valley

Lochinvar Pet Motel Hunter Valley offers affordable Doggie Daycare / Doggy Daycare.


Everyone meet Max. He is coming for doggy daycare for the next couple of weeks. Today he met some new friends in particular another dog named Max who was a Maltese. Max will be doing it all again tomorrow.

Contact us today on 0249307612 or request a booking online for doggie daycare.

Deluxe Cattery Open Soon!!

Deluxe Cattery Extension - Lochinvar Pet Motel

Lochinvar Pet Motel is excited to announce progress of our Deluxe Cattery.

We are anticipating our brand new deluxe cattery will have some availability for the Easter Period and beyond.

This brand new Deluxe Cat Boarding & Kitten Boarding  will soon be ready.

This ideal cat accommodation is perfect for your special feline friends who are accustom to more high end / deluxe care.  

Check out some of the Cattery Happy Snaps below as we continue the development and we’ll be sure to make the big announcement when the Deluxe Cattery is open for business. 

Keep your eyes open for future posts and prices.

We welcome your enquiries.  Be sure to mention the Deluxe Cattery when you phone us to enquire on 0249307612




Cattery Hunter Valley - Pet Motel Hunter Valley - Lochinvar Pet Motel


Meet Chip & Dale – Pet Goats Boarding At Lochinvar Pet Motel

Pet Goats Boarding At Lochinvar Pet Motel | Pet boarding & Pet Accommodation

This week the dedicated team at Lochinvar Pet Motel have the pleasure of taking care of some unusual boarding guests who are on a holiday of their own!

Meet Pet Goats – Chip and Dale.

These gorgeous pets are just many of the different varies of animals we’ve board here at your local Pet Motel Hunter Valley.  

Pet Goat Boarding is not something we’re unaccustomed to here.   We often have calls from clients with more than just your typical run of the mill pets to take care.


So what type of pets do we board at Lochinvar Pet Motel?

Catering for Large, Medium and Small pets. We offer boarding to a variety of breeds. Some of these include:

  • Cats / Kittens,
  • Dogs / Puppies,
  • Rabbits / Guinea pig / Rodents,
  • Birds / Chickens
  • and more.

If your pet is not listed here don’t despair , please feel free to contact the office on 49307612 to enquire as to whether we have facilities for your pet. We do our best to offer accommodation to a wide variety of family pets.

Affordable Pet Boarding Hunter Valley, Maitland - Pet Goat Boarding

Pictured:  Chip and Dale  are enjoying the sunshine and exploring their grass yards.

To find our more give us a call on 0249307612  or:

Make an Online Booking Reservation for your pets.




Thanks to all of our amazing clients

Thank you to all of our amazing Clients

From all of the Staff here at Lochinvar Pet Motel, we’d like to say massive THANK YOU to all of our valued customers for boarding with us again over the Christmas and New Year period. It was our pleasure taking care of your beloved fur and feathered friends at their home away from home here in the Hunter Valley.

The Easter Bunny will soon be on his way!!!!

Easter Pet Boarding Hunter Valley
Easter 2019 at Lochinvar Pet Motel


With Easter Right around the corner, we’d like to extend an invitation to all of our guests looking to board with us over the EASTER LONG WEEKEND to book early to avoid disappointment.

As always; due to high demand for pet boarding accommodation during this period, we have a MINIMUM 5 Day booking for all guests during this Easter Period.

Public Holiday Surcharge:
Customers are advised that our standard public holiday surcharge of $5 per pet / per day applies on:

  • Friday 19/4/2019
  • Saturday 20/4/2019
  • Sunday 21/4/2019
  • Monday 22/4/2019

Our EASTER Trading Hours:

Whilst the OFFICE is closed to the public on 19th and 21st of April, all boarding guests are fully taken care of by our dedicated team – 7 days a week – 365 days a year. 

Our Easter Trading Hours are as follows:

  • Good Friday (19th April) – CLOSED to the public
  • Easter Saturday (20th April) – OPEN
  • Easter Sunday (21st April) – CLOSED to the public
  • Easter Monday (22nd April) – OPEN

No matter whether you’re looking for short term pet boarding, long term pet accommodation, doggie day care or pet minding for a special occasion. Lochinvar Pet Motel has you covered.

You can make a booking online:

or give us a call on 0249307612 to check availability.

Have a great day and say HI to your furry or feather friends from us!


Sybil the kitten came to stay at the Lochinvar Pet Motel Cattery

Sybil the kitten came to stay at the Lochinvar Pet Motel Cattery

Sybil - Short Term, Medium Term, Long Term,  Cat / Kitten Cattery Pet Boarding at Lochinvar Pet Motel Hunter Valley

This afternoon (8/5/2014), Owner Lauren (pictured above) came to pick up her curious little kitten Sybil from her temporary  holiday home – Lochinvar Pet Motel Cattery

Sybil  is a 4 months old Tortoise Shell Kitten who was previously a rescue kitten. For Sybil, this was her first stay with LPM, she enjoyed her indoor outdoor area, with shelves for climbing, a chair for basking in the sun, and  enjoying  the view whilst enjoying climbing and exploring her suite.

On pick up time, this cute little rescue kitten, who has been given a new life, acknowledged of her families arrival, and started rubbing herself up against the side of her enclosure, brushing herself affectionallty along the ready waiting little hands looking forward to taking her home.

After a few happy snaps, Sybil was safe and secure in his Kitten Carrier and ready to head home and enjoying the perks of being a very loved member of her new family.

When asked, what did owner Lauren have to say about Lochivar Pet Motel?
“[Lochinvar Pet Motel] would have to be the best run Kennel I’ve ever used. The staff are friendly and professional, with no request to hard to accommodate for.  Originally we boarded our dogs here, and they’ve been coming here since they were puppies; The dog kennels are clean, the runs are huge and I love it here! I recommend this place to everyone! This is a first time for Sybil, she’ll be back again, Somehow though, I think she thinks she’s just another one of the dogs! Thanks for everything LPM”