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Lochinvar Pet Motel Hunter Valley now has vacancies!

From 8/10/2019 Pet Motel Hunter Valley has now reopened bookings.

We were so overjoyed to have shared the last few weeks with all of our wonderful pet’s boarding  at Lochinvar Pet Motel for the first week of the NSW School Holidays and the Queen’s Birthday  October Long weekend. However we found ourselves fully booked and unable to accept any more pets until after 3PM on 7/10/19. 

It was wonderful to see our Pet Motel Hunter Valley a bustle with all of our feathered and furry friends enjoying their holiday at their home away from home.  However, we’re please to announced that we’ve had few of our guests head home and we’re now taking bookings again.

Whether you require Doggie Daycare,  Short Term Pet Accommodation or long term pet boarding for your cats, dogs, birds, guinea pigs or rabbits, Lochinvar Pet Motel would be happy to care for your beloved pets.

Pet Motel Hunter Valley - Request A Booking Today!

If you’d be interested in finding out more about our pricing visit:

Deluxe Cattery Open Soon!!

Deluxe Cattery Extension - Lochinvar Pet Motel

Lochinvar Pet Motel is excited to announce progress of our Deluxe Cattery.

We are anticipating our brand new deluxe cattery will have some availability for the Easter Period and beyond.

This brand new Deluxe Cat Boarding & Kitten Boarding  will soon be ready.

This ideal cat accommodation is perfect for your special feline friends who are accustom to more high end / deluxe care.  

Check out some of the Cattery Happy Snaps below as we continue the development and we’ll be sure to make the big announcement when the Deluxe Cattery is open for business. 

Keep your eyes open for future posts and prices.

We welcome your enquiries.  Be sure to mention the Deluxe Cattery when you phone us to enquire on 0249307612




Cattery Hunter Valley - Pet Motel Hunter Valley - Lochinvar Pet Motel


Coming Soon the Deluxe Cattery Suites

Watch this space! 

Puuuuuuuuuuuur purrrr prepare yourselves cat lovers!

Sybil the kitten came to stay at the Lochinvar Pet Motel Cattery

Sybil the kitten came to stay at the Lochinvar Pet Motel Cattery

Sybil - Short Term, Medium Term, Long Term,  Cat / Kitten Cattery Pet Boarding at Lochinvar Pet Motel Hunter Valley

This afternoon (8/5/2014), Owner Lauren (pictured above) came to pick up her curious little kitten Sybil from her temporary  holiday home – Lochinvar Pet Motel Cattery

Sybil  is a 4 months old Tortoise Shell Kitten who was previously a rescue kitten. For Sybil, this was her first stay with LPM, she enjoyed her indoor outdoor area, with shelves for climbing, a chair for basking in the sun, and  enjoying  the view whilst enjoying climbing and exploring her suite.

On pick up time, this cute little rescue kitten, who has been given a new life, acknowledged of her families arrival, and started rubbing herself up against the side of her enclosure, brushing herself affectionallty along the ready waiting little hands looking forward to taking her home.

After a few happy snaps, Sybil was safe and secure in his Kitten Carrier and ready to head home and enjoying the perks of being a very loved member of her new family.

When asked, what did owner Lauren have to say about Lochivar Pet Motel?
“[Lochinvar Pet Motel] would have to be the best run Kennel I’ve ever used. The staff are friendly and professional, with no request to hard to accommodate for.  Originally we boarded our dogs here, and they’ve been coming here since they were puppies; The dog kennels are clean, the runs are huge and I love it here! I recommend this place to everyone! This is a first time for Sybil, she’ll be back again, Somehow though, I think she thinks she’s just another one of the dogs! Thanks for everything LPM”