Positions Vacant

Lochinvar Pet Motel Positions Vacant

Casual Position: 

Good morning / afternoon
Please take 5 minutes to read this Job Description and feel free to submit an application if you meet at least 80% of the required criteria. Persons with 15 years or more of Administrative procedures who elect to hand deliver their application will be given preference.

Job Description:

Firstly may I say that this is a very, very, busy, noisy position and is really not suitable for persons with school age children. Absolutely NO LEAVE is granted during school holidays.  Your admin skills need to be up-to-date with the latest technology and you MUST have excellent customer service skills.

Your hours of work are:-
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 7am to 10am or 10.30am with a 15 minute paid morning tea break Friday 2pm to 6.30pm with a 10 minute paid afternoon tea break.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be something like this:-
7am  - - Let the little dogs into the exercise yard, clean any wee and/or poop from the floor, and mop the soiled area/s .

– Return the little dogs to their respective kennels and feed.  Note that some pets will have a special diet so you really need to be aware that every day is going to be different with routine and feeding procedures.  It would be advantageous if you are able to medicate dogs.

By the way, if any early customers have arrived they will need to be greeted with a smile and their dog checked in or out ………….. oh yes……………. and if the telephone rings you will need to be able to answer it as well. We have two lines in.

7.30am – Collect all the feed dishes and dispose of.  We feed with paper plates for both ease of work and hygiene.

8am to 10am  – Now to the admin.  The telephone and customers will take up most part of the morning but on Mondays it will be necessary to enter all bookings into the database that have been taken over the weekend.
Arriving pets will need to be checked in (paperwork) and escorted to the respective kennels area where another member of staff shall complete the check-in.

A ‘Pets In Kennels’ report needs to prepared using KennelSuite software, sorted into alphabetical order by pet, and then exported to excel.

An ‘Occupancy’  report is to be extracted from the KennelSuite Software, Screen dumped into ‘Word’ and emailed to the office in Macksville.

The ATO require all BAS to be reported online so you will need to be familiar with online reporting and have an understanding of a BAS report.  The BAS is prepared by our bookkeeper.

Friday afternoon

The majority of this afternoon shall be ‘customer service’ with lots of check-ins, a busy telephone and up to 10 small dogs in the ‘Deluxe’ kennels that will need to exercised and feed……… and then there’s the dusting and cleaning of kennels, cupboards, staff room and finally the balance of the days taking and preparation of the ;name cards’ for Saturday. 

Persons with visible tattoos need not apply.

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