Pet Holiday Itinerary

Lochinvar Pet Motel - Pet Holiday Itinerary - Boarding Kennels and Cattery

Welcome furry friends and owners to the Lochinvar Pet Motel - Pet Holiday Itinerary.

Here you'll see what your holiday as a boarding guest will entails.

We know it's a walk in the park and you'll be chasing your tail with excitement! 

But sit back and enjoy our step by step account from 7:00am through to 9:00pm!

When you're ready,  simply click the bookings button to request a booking online or make a reservation via phone 0249309094.  

Our Daily Pet Holiday Itinerary: 

puppies playing at dog accomodation - lochinvar pet motel Dogs playing in Grass Yards
7:00am - Yeah.... Another Day! 7:15am - "Good Morning"
small-dog-breakfast-time-dog-kennel playtime-at-lochinvar-pet-motel
8:00am - Breakfast 8:15am - Play time
dog-kennels-cleaned-daily-lochinvar small-dogs-playing-at-dog-accommodation
8:30am - Kennels Cleaned 9:00am - More Play time
dog-arriving-for-daycare-dog-kennel doggies-playing-with-toys-at-hunter-valley-pet-motel
10:00am - "Wilson" arriving for daycare 10:30am Yes you guess it.... PLAYTIME!
11:00am - Resting "we're exhausted" 11:30am - "Walking time" (Additional charges apply)
12:00 noon - "Oh no, I've got to have some rest time " 1:00pm - Back out of the kennel for more socialising
2:00pm - Just exploring 2:30pm - "What a lovely day"
3:00pm - On a hot summer day 4:00pm - " I think I hear the clang of feed dishes"
5:00pm - Tea Time 5:00pm - Mmmm yummy chicken.
6:00pm - Looks likes the office is closing up 7:00pm - "Where has the sun gone?"
8:00pm - Did you say "Bedtime"? 8:25pm - "hey we're the last ones to go bed"
8:30pm - The end of another day 8:30pm "I don't want to go to bed!!!"
9:00pm - "Goodnight" 9:00pm - Pyjama Time
9:00pm - "mm.. I like these pyjamas" 9:00pm Kiss Goodnight

With great pet boarding pricing, wonderful clean pet accomodation and amazingly caring staff. We know that you'll be like the thousands of other happy customers who have stayed with us over the years!! 



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