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What does it cost to board at cat or kitten at Lochinvar Pet Motel?

We have a variety of cattery suites to cater for your feline friends.  Whether you require a double suites; perfect for housing two cats from the same family, or alternatively single suite for housing your kitty separately our standard calendar day rate applies:

Per Cat/Kitten                    $16.00

Charges apply per calendar day.

Please Note:  The charges apply per calendar day your pet stays with us. Both the day you drop off and pick up are chargable days.

Learn a little more about our cattery:

The cattery has excellent fresh air circulation and air conditioning is used when weather conditions require, to ensure the comfort of all our guests.

Your cat will enjoy the comfort of a “floor to ceiling” suite with adjoining covered outdoors area for sunning and afternoon naps. For the cat that prefers to be indoors we have 'floor to ceiling” suites complete with lounge chair. All suites have solid divider panels, snuggly sleeping areas, are roomy and can easily accommodate families.

Guests receive individual pats and cuddles  in the “living room” and allowed to roam in this area while suites are cleaned daily. Toys, lots of TLC and genuine care and love of cats will ensure your special pussy cat/s enjoy the time spent with us.

What do you feed Cattery Guests?

All cats are fed the highest quality food served on hygienic disposable paper plates. Water bowls are washed and refilled with fresh water daily. We are only too happy to  give any medication or special foods provided by you at a small fee.

Vaccinations are vital and we are unable to accept any pet without sighting a current vaccination certificate.  Feline current  F3 certificate.

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