Lochinvar Pet Motel Pet Boarding Prices:

What does it cost to board your pet at our Hunter Valley Pet Boarding Facility?

Lochinvar Pet Motel offer the best price pet boarding in the area. To board your pet at Lochinvar Pet Motel you are looking at the following per day charges

From $20.00

From $23.00

From $27.00


Please Note: The charges apply per calendar day your pet stays with us. Both the day you drop off and pick up are chargable days

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Dog Bathing / Grooming - Optional Extra Services:

In-house Bathing Prices 

Lochinvar Pet Motel offers on request in-house baths for boarding guests as a optional extra service. Here your floor legged friend can be bathed and ready for you at time of collection This convenient service is available when making a reservation for your pet. In-house bathing prices vary dependent on the size of your dog and the length of his or her coat:

In House Dog Bathing Prices:

Short Hair Dogs

Long Hair Dogs

Small (short hair) $25.00

 Medium (short hair)$35.00

Large (short hair) $45.00

Extra Large (short hair) $55.00
Small (long hair) 30.00

Medium (long hair) $50.00

Large(long hair) $65.00

Extra Large (long hair) $75.00
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Lochinvar Pet Motel Hunter Valley - Boarding Kennels & Cattery

Located near Maitland and situated on the edge of Wine Country in the Hunter Valley; 206 Old North Road Lochinvar, here's where you'll find your pet's holiday home.

Lochinvar Pet Motel is the perfect pet accommodation. We offer great priced pet boarding in a home-like environment for your furry or feather family member. Partner this with our dedicated staff who pride themselves on making sure our pet motel is clean, safe and that our guests feel comfortable in their home away from home.

Lochinvar Pet Motel 206 Old North Road

Lochinvar Pet Motel is Pet Industry Association Accredited

We are Nationally Accredited to meet Pet Industry Standards/ Code of Ethics and meet the PIAA requirements for Business Practices, Work Health and Safety Legislation, Kennel and Cattery Practices and Procedures and have recently received and award from PIAA for staff education and training. 

To find out more about this accreditation you can visit our profile on the Pet Industry Association Website:
Lochinvar Pet Motel PIAA Profile 

Lochinvar Pet Motel - Pet Boarding Facility PIAA Accredited

Pet Boarding Hunter Valley  Cats, Dogs, Kittens, Rabbits, birds

What type of pets board at Lochinvar Pet Motel?

Cattering for Large, Medium and Small pets. We offer boarding to a variety of breeds. Some of these include:

  • Cats / Kittens,
  • Dogs / Puppies,
  • Rabbits / Guinea pig / Rodents, 
  • Birds / Chickens 
  • and more. 

If your pet is not listed here don't despair , please feel free to contact the office on 49309094 to enquire as to whether we have facilities for your pet. We do our best to offer accommodation to a wide variety of family pets.

Dog Kennels

Small To Medium Dog Boarding Maitland Hunter Valley
Large Dog Boarding Kennels Hunter Valley
  • Air conditioned
  • Under floor heating
  • Individual Courtyards
  • Large Exercise Yards


Cattery - Pet Motel Cat Boarding Hunter Valley - Maitland Cat Boarding
Hunter Valley Cattery - Cat Boarding Maitland
  • Air conditioned
  • Floor to ceiling suites
  • Inside / Outside area
  • Iron Bark Poles
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Your Pet's Home away from Home in the Hunter Valley.

Pet Resort Hunter Valley. Pet Boarding

Your Pet's Holiday Duration:

How long do you require your pet to stay with Lochinvar Pet Motel? 

We welcome your furry or feathered friend to stay with us as long as you require.We operate all year round and have have guests who stay overnight, for the weekend or a few consecutive nights. Weeks, fortnights and even months with us whilst their family are away.  We offer:

  • Short-term pet boarding
  • Long-term pet boarding - For example if you are travelling overseas or going on an extended holiday. 
  • Doggie Daycare - We are also available for Doggie "Daycare" or pet day stays where you can drop off your pet off in the morning and collect in the afternoon.
  • Small dogs deluxe kennels - Do you have a pampered pooch? Our SMALL Deluxe dog boarding may be ideal for you!  This modern accommodation combines premium boarding with many of the niceties of home - such as TV & Air-Conditioning.

We are more than happy to have discuss arrangements, if you are travelling overseas, going on an extended stay, taking a short trip or just require daycare for your pet. You can make a booking online via our booking for or contact us via phone: 49309094 for more information.

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Make an online booking for pet boarding

Payment Methods accepted at lochinvar pet motel.

We gladly accept cash, EFTPOS, Debit and Credit Card

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Make an online booking for pet boarding

Payment Methods accepted at lochinvar pet motel.

Years of Experience - We've been operating since 2005!

Lochinvar Pet Motel is a dream come true. After several years of research, planning and then building from scratch we opened in February2005. Twelve years on we're still enjoying this as much as we did in 2005.

Our dedicated team of pet loving, hard working staff, understand that your pet is a valued family member and you need to feel comfortable with your pet's accommodation and well-being during their stay with us.

Inspections of our facilities are invited and welcome during business hours without appointment.

Security Measures: We take your pet's safety seriously:

As security measures we have installed smoke detectors and 'Accommodation to Residence' monitoring 24 hours per day. As an added security measure, beams and alarms have been installed and is monitored by Newcastle Security Service.

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Lochinvar Pet Motel - 206 Old North Road Lochinvar

Proud to be a Hunter Valley business:

Over a decade on we've continued to grow and support our local community. We take pride in sponsoring local events, sports teams and other great causes.

It's been an amazing experience thus far and we look forward to many more years of providing such a valueable asset and continuing to contribute as a thriving part of the Hunter Valley.

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